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St Johns Direct Primary Care, LLC Team

A Practice with Passion

Dr. Shirley E. Jones, MD

CEO & Founder


After 20 years of practicing medicine as a licensed and board certified physician for hospital systems, I decided to open my private concierge medical practice. I believe in providing high quality medical care that should be personalized to promote balance of mind, body and soul.

 Many Professionals also hire me to help them overcome their health struggles so that they are empowered to achieve optimal health. 

Dr. Jones also believes that preventative healthcare should be personalized to promote the balance of mind, body and soul,while aging gracefully. Dr. Jones specializes in using the preventative health approach by teaching Organic Plant based lifestyle to heal chronic diseases.


Bertha Jones

Office Manager / Social Media Manager

Bertha, our Office Manager, is the heartbeat of our practice. With her exceptional organizational skills and unwavering dedication, she ensures that our office runs smoothly and efficiently every day.

As our licensed Yoga Instructor, Bertha is committed to providing life balance through restorative and vinyasa flow yoga techniques. With exceptional expertise and true compassion, our patients always feel comfortable working with her.

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